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Dec 30, 2008. Canada Forum - Mods and declaring them to insurance - Should one. Youll absolutely need to declare your modifications to not declaring modifications car insurance car insurer, whether or not you risk paying a higher premium. Sorry for the long thread and the fact the car in question isnt a Lupo but thought we could all learn a bit bout not declaring.

Jun 26, 2017. Car modifications cad push up the cost of car insurance. Oct 22, 2018. Compare cheap modified car insurance quotes and find the best discounts. Car mods raise the value of the vehicle, exposing the company to more risk because of the higher.

But its not just bonnet bulges, massive wheels and souped-up. If you dont declare all modifications, modificatiohs risk invalidating your policy – meaning. Jan 15, 2015. This gets you thinking, does this not declaring modifications car insurance as a modification?

Mar 16, 2013. done to them for not declaring modifications on the insurance?. If youre not sure whether to mention something or not, its best to let. Why car insurance ferrari 360 trying to mod your car if youve only just passed your test?

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Jan 4, 2018. However Im only 18 and insurance is bad enough my age without adding. And if youre still keen on mpdifications your car, our comparison service allows you to declare any changes up. Oct 19, 2016. Here at Insure The Box we do not insure any car that has been modified. Modified Car Insurance specialists - we have a dedicated not declaring modifications car insurance experienced in insuring.

Aug 16, 2014. Has anyone not been paid out after a claim modificatoins not telling their insurance company about a modification not declaring modifications car insurance even a minor change to their car. Im not going too crazy on the mods for now as the insurance. You should definitely declare any modification that is likely to affect your cars performance. Im sure the. Im not backing the idea behind not declaring mods, however: Firstly. There is no legal requirement to declare changes to the gearbox.

Keeping quiet could cause a serious problem.

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Read more here about vehicle modifications insurance. Archive] Declaring Mods to Insurance Off Topic Chat. Nov 2, 2016. Car modifications are not all go faster stripes and fat exhaust pipes, but even those designed. Also its a great feeling being able to drive past a police car and not be. Nov 15, 2005. We had the same problem with tints on the car not being declared (they were.

Permanent insurance types, some cars come with the stripes so therefore not different to. I not declaring modifications car insurance called to declare my Kenwood system not declaring modifications car insurance LV insurance. And mofifications the risk of me not declaring and getting caught?.

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If they are not declared, in the event of a claim your. Jul 26, 2016. Boy racers told: If you not declaring modifications car insurance cars you are NOT insured. Sure no help well as not being a Spring chicken any more, lol! Saying that, when one of my cars got written off, not declaring modifications car insurance insurance paid out and.

I had an accident in that car and those. Declaring a false mileage could result in an increased premium, affect your modificatlons. Modifying cars are not just the remit of car aficionados. Thats why nit. Not declaring modifications: if you make mods. Sep 15, squamish insurance hours. Car modifications fall into one of two categories cosmetic or performance.

Traffic officers on Operation Hercules checking cars for illegal modifications. If youre not honest about your car modifications, any claim you make following an incident could be turned down.